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Our Story

It was 2005. YouTube first launched into existence, Mariah Carey just released “We Belong Together,” and Matthew and Sabrina Joy met for the very first time at the Mann movie theatres across from the Glendale Galleria. He asked if she wanted popcorn and she asked if he wanted Buncha Crunch in return. And what started as sweet middle school crushes turned into so much more than that. 


They spent an entire school year and summer after meeting sending IMs about their love of R&B, commenting each other’s MySpace page, being “just friends.” But everyone knew, including themselves, they were something more. After being "just friends" for some time, Matthew finally built up the courage to ask Sabrina out to Homecoming one year and at the end of the night, asked her to be his girlfriend. And in return, she asked him to have her heart.


16 years' worth of memories and a lot of growing up to do later, they achieved a few milestones together. This included graduating college, buying their first car together, and most importantly, giving each other the greatest gift they could ever be presented with—their pride and joy, Danalynn Faith.


Late last year, on a trip to the Lakers Leave A Legacy mural, Matthew popped the question, surrounded by their family and friends, and Sabrina said, “YES, FINALLY!”


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